Woo your wife in DDLJ-style!

Hi again!

So the last time you read what SRK gifted Rohit Shetty. But you are still confused about personalised gifting, aren’t you?

Do I sense a little doubt there—about what kind of photogift to go for? Let’s start with Caricatures then, what say?

Caricatures are… Well, we generally see them in the newspapers, almost every day. The smile of a politician, those big set of teeth, or that long chubby nose popping out from that small rounded face or those elephant ears swaying from the sides, supported by a little body and tiny legs—they do bring a smile on our faces, don’t they? That’s exactly what we do when we gift caricatures to our loved ones; bring smiles on their faces.

Think of totally wild get-togethers, like your friend’s bachelor party, where all of you went absolutely nuts and had a blast. I can re-create that crazy moment through a caricature and bring back all those memories in one shot, in one picture!

Looking for more whacky ideas? Here goes… your wife and you love Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. I can re-create the memorable DDLJ poster of Shah Rukh Khan (with his mandolin) and Kajol, by adding your caricatures instead of the stars! How awesome is that!

So, here’s the deal—there are infinite possibilities to make a person dear to you happy. Gift a beautiful childhood memory to your sister when she ties you the rakhi this Raksha Bandhan. Or, if you are from Mumbai, I could sketch Lord Ganesha playing a prank on your friend. Get the drift?

Now that you know the fun things I can create for you and your loved ones, all you have to do is get in touch with me. My team has experienced and award winning caricaturists. In fact, each caricature is unique and hand drawn and you’ll be surprised by how much the face in the caricature resembles the real person. Caricatures are usually big exaggerations of facial features. However, at Photogift, we like to make people look good; so the caricatures we design will be cute, with mild exaggerations only.

Check out the photogiftindia.com for many more options. But if you are still confused, I am always there to help you customise your gifts.

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