The smiles live on….


Today, I am here to introduce you to the Portrait Studio at Photogift.

You must be familiar with portraits—photographs or paintings that artistically represent an expression, or sometimes even the personality of an individual. We are usually accustomed to seeing portraits of our grandparents and great grandparents at our ancestral homes. Or of kings and queens in ancient palaces and museums.
Contrary to popular belief, portraits can be an interesting and realistic method of feeling connected with our loved ones who have passed away. Despite the emotions of grief and loss, portraits needn’t be solemn and dull. In fact, they should bring out happy thoughts and good memories of the deceased.

There was a time when people depended on traditional artists for creating portraits. However, traditional portrait artists are now hard to find, and can be rather difficult to work with. And if you want multiple copies of a portrait, it would break the bank and take a lifetime to get ready, since it is hand painted.

When photo studios came along, photo enlargement and touch-ups became the order of the day. However, bad touch-up jobs by graphic designers and poor image clarity due to photo enlargement and its limitations meant poor results. You would eventually end up with a bad-looking portrait that is an eye sore and quite heartbreaking too.


Photogift to your rescue

At Photogift, we understand the real essence of portrait creation. We capture the true emotions on an individual’s face and breathe life into the image.

All we need from you is a photograph of your loved one. Ideally, the photograph should be one that makes you feel connected to the deceased person. We use this photo to create the portrait. Portraits at Photogift are digitally hand drawn by our artists, and not computer-drawn. Our artists’ use their ingenious to signify the sentiment and soul of the photograph. We combine art and technology to create portraits that are as good as the person featured in it.

Since our portraits are digitally hand drawn, any kind of correction can be made, if such a need arises. What’s more! Multiple copies can be made within a reasonable budget.


Keep memories alive

Portraits are not just about paintings of grandparents; at least not the Photogift ones. If you have lost a parent, a beloved aunt or even a dear friend, a portrait of the loved one in your home is a great way to honour their memory.

When you are still on that page at our Portrait Studio, you can also browse through the tips about choosing a photograph for a portrait. Do keep in mind that the quality of the photograph you give us is of great significance as that becomes our entry point to engaging with the person we are attempting to draw; so that we can get your loved ones on canvas in the way you would always love to remember them.



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