Make your Diwali ‘dhamakerdar’ in spirit only

The festival of lights is right around the corner. You must be busy cleaning your homes, buying gifts, whipping up sweetmeats and bringing out those lamps. And while you are doing all that, you might also be making a shopping list of things to be bought before the D-day. Have you added firecrackers to that list? If you have, wait a minute; and hear us out.

Ironically, Diwali signifies the end of darkness of ignorance. The light from the diyas on a moonless night acts as a symbol of enlightenment. However, most people are far from enlightened. At a day and age when pollution is a raging topic, do we have our finger on the pulse? Doubt it!

An environmental-friendly Diwali

If bursting firecrackers is the highlight of your Diwali, it’s time for a changeover. Firecrackers add to the already high levels of pollution in the air, while the noise is a major disturbance for animals and birds, and not to forget the elderly. Chemicals in firecrackers like copper, cadmium, nitrate and lead can play havoc with your system, while the noise can lead to hearing loss, high BP and heart attacks.

Put a “Dil” in Diwali

Most revellers do not realise that firecrackers are made by child labourers, and they work with harmful chemicals, which puts their lives in grave danger. Most of them don’t even make it through their teenage years.

Do you still want to buy firecrackers? Think again—use your heart to.

Make it personal

Diwali is about celebrations, alright! But do we really need to encourage consumerism while we celebrate the essence of the festival? Ideally, avoid going on a mindless shopping spree, and buying things you don’t really need.

Also, make a shift from splurging on conventional gifts. Instead, make your gifts extra special by adding a personal touch. Fun caricatures and elegant personalised paintings make great gifts for the festive season. Photogifts are perfect home décor articles, which makes them the best choice as gifts for Diwali.

So, wait no more! Make your Diwali ‘dhamakedar’ with the light from pretty diyas, your near and dear ones, and memorable gifts from Photogift India.

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