Life after death: Zindagi milegi dobara!

Life after death—it is a belief many of us have tinkered with. While Science and Religion are at loggerheads over the theory, the common man just stands befuddled. What side are you on? Do you really think there is life after death?

At, we believe that there CAN be life after death. Hold your horses; we are not trying to spark a debate here. What we mean is you can continue to be a beacon of light and bring happiness to someone else’s life even after death. How, you ask. With organ donation, of course!

A gift of a different nature

The gift of life surpasses all other gifts. Organ donation gives new hope and a fresh life to someone who might otherwise be plagued with prolonged physical or emotional suffering or the fear of untimely death. But despite growing awareness about organ donation, people in India are rarely open to pledging their organs for donation post death.

Cadaveric donation is far from becoming a norm in the country, in spite of the Transplantation of Human Organs Act (TOHO) that was passed nearly 20 years ago. According to statistics, less than one in a million people donate their organs in India. Shockingly, over three million people have died because of non-availability of organs since 2005.

However, it is not always the fault of the masses. The government and hospitals across the country are also to be blamed for these dismal statistics. It is alleged that cadaveric donations in the country are bound of bureaucracy, making it harder for the right information on organ donation to trickle down to the common man.

Cadaveric organ donation is controlled solely by the next of kin in India, even if a person has already pledged his organs. To work around this, talk to your family and make sure they understand the concept of brain death and organ donation. Make them aware of your wishes and inspire them to pledge their organs as well.

Donate life

If you are reading this, and have not yet pledged your organs, but wish to, here is what you can do:

Visit the websites of NGOs such as Mohan Foundation, Gift a Life, Gift your Organ or National Kidney Foundation of India for information on registration. Since the government has not yet created a pan-India donor registry, going via standalone organizations is perhaps the easiest way to sign up for cadaveric donation.

Life is precious, but what makes it more meaningful and wholesome is sharing the joy you once experienced. That, in the real sense, constitutes to living even after death. So if you would ask us whether there is life after death, we would say, “Yes, of course!”

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