Do you know what Shah Rukh Khan loves gifting his friends?

Celebrities really know how to personalize gifts, don’t you think? For instance, Rihanna gifted Adele’s newborn a couple of babygros with special quotes like “My mum is a rockstar” and “Just done nine months inside”! Meanwhile, in India, Shah Rukh Khan gifted his friend, director Rohit Shetty, a custom made ‘Ed Hardy’ cruiser bike! And how can one forget Emperor Shahjahan’s larger than life gift to his begum Mumtaz—the Taj Mahal! But of course, the rich and the famous are extravagant when it comes to customized gifting; which unfortunately gives regular people the idea that personalised gifts cost a lot of money.

But I, Tooby, the Super Creator, believe that is utter nonsense! Remember, the movie “P.S. I Love You”? Remember, how Gerry planned the whole gifting strategy for his wife, Holly? With every ‘gift’ she discovered, day after day, she realised how intensely he loved her. This is the effect of personalized gifts on your loved ones.

Clearly, emotions do not come with a price tag—which is why buying the most expensive gift you can afford may not always be the answer to your gifting anxieties. The most effective way to show that you really care is to ‘create’ a gift that is unique and is an embodiment of your feelings.

So what really is the solution to gifting anxieties? Photogifts! They are the most wonderful way to preserve a memory. Add a dose of imagination to this, because imagination is the greatest way to enhance those memories with all your feelings.

What’s the next step, then? Contact Photogift! It’s the perfect place to find a perfect gift for that special someone, be it your parents, your spouse, your best friend or even a colleague. My team and I understand different needs of different people, and we can create gifts that can be as simple and sober as you would like them or as dramatic and jolly as you demand. Take your pick from pencil sketches, caricatures, paintings, illustrations and more, and we’ll transform your chosen photograph into a piece of art. Now isn’t that perfect?

Besides, working with the team of Photogift is as effortless as you can imagine. Our artists are easy to reach and approachable. So you can contact them from the comfort of your home or office, and open up your hearts to them about what you really, really need.

So, there you go! Now choose your favourite photograph and contact me. Get ready to experience a whole new kind of gifting.

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