Be smart & savvy about decorating your home

Your dream home is almost ready, and the next step is to plan how you are going to decorate the interiors. A good painting or two will set you back a couple of lacs.  But is that your only option to embellish your walls? You would naturally think of a family photo or a few shots of your loved ones. But poor quality of photographs can be a big hitch here.

Bad pictures, no more!

Let’s admit it; a majority of people aren’t great photographers. Amateur photography means pictures going out of focus, or taken in inappropriate backgrounds. Low resolution can be another problem. So when you want to enlarge your favourite picture with your favourite people, you end up getting hugely disappointed.

Well, not anymore! At Photogift, our team of professional designers can completely transform your favourite photograph into a piece of art. Our artists have passion in their belly to create masterpieces from your casual photographs.

Personalised—just the way you like it!

According to your requirement, our artists can customise your painting by changing the background or by adding a few interesting elements. A simple picture of your child can be pepped up by placing him in a meadow. Your best friend’s photograph can be transformed by adding a beautiful bunch of flowers in her hands. It’s all in a few brushstrokes!

With a unique combination of art and technology, your dull photograph can turn into a magical piece of artwork at Photogift. The paintings are printed on high quality canvasses; so, no more fraying pictures!

Unmatched gifts for your loved ones

You get an all-new dimension to gifting with personalised paintings from Photogift. Be it your parents’ anniversary, your spouse’s birthday, your best friend’s wedding or your sister’s baby shower, a personalised painting will touch your loved one’s heart and make their day. Happy moments captured, not with a camera, but instead on a canvas, make all the difference to a special day. Be that person who makes someone’s day with a special gift like a personalised painting.

With personalised paintings from Photogift, you can adorn your walls, and that of your favourite people. Your pictures will get a special corner in your hearts and your living spaces.

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