Artist at heart—Tooby, the Photogift mascot


Are you tired of the same old books-shirt-stationery-music CD-chocolates gifting routine? It’s your best friend’s wedding anniversary and you are not sure what to get her? Have you run out of ideas and are worried sick?

No need to worry anymore, because Tooby is here!

Hi again! My name is Tooby; as in, a 2B pencil. But hey, I am no ordinary 2B pencil. I am a Super Creator! Look at my flexible, trendy headgear that most people know as the eraser.

In my quest to create masterpieces, I have many companions such as HB, 3B, 6B, sharpener and paper. My friends and I love coming up with unique artwork. What’s more! We also love kids and enjoy making fun stuff for them such as comic books and caricature T shirts.

If you are having trouble finding the right gifts for your loved ones, I can help you customize and personalize your gifts to show them how much you care. Better yet, I can help you do it without you having to run from pillar to post. Wondering how?

Just choose your favourite picture and give me instructions on how you want it transformed into an artwork (you can choose from a variety of options my team has designed), and voila, I shall have it ready for you just like you wished! What’s more! I will even get it delivered to your desired location.

Be it Caricatures, Portraits, Pencil sketches, Illustrations or Social Media Avatars—I can do it all for you, and do it your way!

A happy smile, a few tears of joy and plenty of bear hugs—be ready for all this, because your loved ones will be blown away by your personalized gifts.

If they are happy, I am sure you will be happy too. And if you are happy, Tooby is super happy!

So, I hope to see you soon at the Photogift website.

Best wishes,


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