July, 2013

Woo your wife in DDLJ-style!

Hi again! So the last time you read what SRK gifted Rohit Shetty. But you are still confused about personalised gifting, aren’t you? Do I sense a little doubt there—about what kind of photogift to go for? Let’s start with Caricatures then, what say? Caricatures are… Well, we generally see them in the newspapers, almost More

Feature about Photogift in Malayala Manorama Metro Daily, 12 July 2013

Do you know what Shah Rukh Khan loves gifting his friends?

Celebrities really know how to personalize gifts, don’t you think? For instance, Rihanna gifted Adele’s newborn a couple of babygros with special quotes like “My mum is a rockstar” and “Just done nine months inside”! Meanwhile, in India, Shah Rukh Khan gifted his friend, director Rohit Shetty, a custom made ‘Ed Hardy’ cruiser bike! And More

Artist at heart—Tooby, the Photogift mascot


Hello! Are you tired of the same old books-shirt-stationery-music CD-chocolates gifting routine? It’s your best friend’s wedding anniversary and you are not sure what to get her? Have you run out of ideas and are worried sick? No need to worry anymore, because Tooby is here! Hi again! My name is Tooby; as in, a More